Sun, Jun 20, 2010
Primary school students kiss and post video online

KUALA LUMPUR - Two young students were seen making out in what looked like a classroom, while a fellow classmate recorded it with a handphone.

Shin Min daily reported that the 31-second video, which was posted on a popular video website, was titled "Masters of the future".

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It started off with a male student walking to the side of his female classmate, and looking over her shoulder as she looked at her handphone.

He then snatched her handphone and sat on a table while she looked around, bewildered. The other students in the class then erupted into bouts of chanting and encouraged the couple to "do it one more time".

After much hesitation, the girl took the initiative to kiss the male student. They were engaged in a passionate kiss for about eight seconds.

During the kiss, the male student tried to block the camera from filming their mouths, and another student in the class even held out a hand to press the girl's head down.

The video clip looked like it was shot in a classroom, and the two young students donned uniforms bearing the school badge of a primary school in Malaysia.




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  Primary school students kiss and post video online
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