Fri, Jul 02, 2010
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George's Toy Kingdom

By Lim Liy Ee

Although he is merely a 10-year-old kid, he has set up a magnificent "toy kingdom" at his house that has amazed many people!

George William, a mixed-blood child of Chinese-Indian parentage, is currently a Standard Four student at a Chinese primary school.

He speaks fluent Chinese and his childhood is simply a paradise in the eyes of many other children his age.

Spending RM500 (S$216) each month on toys

The only child at home, George has been pampered by his parents since he was young, and he seems to have a preference for toys and therefore he has abundance of toys at home.

From one to five years old, George's parents have been spending an average of RM500 a month purchasing toys for him. These toys have kept him company throughout his childhood.

RM25,000 (S$10,790) for building two cabinets

After moving into a new house, his father spent RM25,000 to purchase two specially designed glass cabinets for him to collect various kinds of toys in his bedroom, so that he could treat the toys as his daily companions.

Inside the cabinets are Batman, Alien, Transformer, Ferrari sport cars, etc., and these toys have been stimulating his infinite imagination and enhancing his scientific senses at the same time.

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