Roll call: No more stand-in
Thu, Jul 22, 2010
The China Post/Asia News Network

Students might soon need to master the art of disguise just for skipping classes. In a development straight from the pages of a science fiction story, the Hsinchu-based Chung Hua University in Taiwan has announced a new roll call system that can identify students by their faces.

The system uses facial recognition technology to manage identification of a classroom of students at the same time. It is able to tell a student by his face even if he tries to distort his facial expression.

Roll calling is just the first application for the technology, the research team from Chung Hua's Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering said. With the help of other monitoring systems, face-telling technology could also be used to catch students who sleep in class.

Some students might be glad that the university has yet to come up with more extreme uses for the innovation, such as cheat detection, which uses expression readers and polygraph technology.







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