Jee Say put up a good fight: Nicole Seah

Nicole Seah, member of the National Solidarity Party and supporter of presidential candidate Tan Jee Say, told the media that the fight between him and Dr Tony Tan was "pretty close".

She was one of the counting agents for the Presidential Election, which saw Dr Tony Tan emerging as the winner with a slight margin of 7,269 votes. His closest contender was Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

Speaking to the media at Bedok Stadium after the first vote count, Ms Seah said that Mr Tan Jee Say came in very close at the counting centre she was at and that the voting patterns showed up differently in different parts of the country.

"Tan Jee Say came in a very close second to Dr Tony Tan, so all of us had higher hopes that he might have perhaps pushed through.

"But nevertheless, I still feel that he put up a very good fight. All of us are very proud of him and I'm sure a lot of Singaporeans are also proud of him for having stood by his political ideologies.

"I wouldn't say he really lost outright, but the numbers varied. It was quite an even split; it was just unfortunate that he had a smaller share of it," said Ms Seah.

She highlighted the difference between the General Election and the Presidential Election, describing the latter as an election that was "looking to elect a person who could be a unifying figure and understand the diversity of Singapore's society".

She also said that the voting patterns seemed to indicate that Singaporeans were voting according to their own political ideologies.