Aussies up in arms over kangaroo, emu "Coat of Arms" chips
Fri, Dec 04, 2009

SYDNEY - Some Australians are up in arms over a new kangaroo and emu flavoured chip, horrified that people are encouraged to eat the nation's coat of arms which depicts the iconic Australian animals.

Complaints to Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau said the "BBQ Coat of Arms" chips were degrading for native wildlife and sent the wrong message to Australian children, reported the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

"It implies that it is perfectly OK to kill kangaroos and emus just for fun!" said one complaint.

But the company manufacturing the chips rejected the charge, saying the kangaroo and emu flavoured chips celebrated Australia's heritage.

The Advertising Standards Bureau investigated the complaints against the new chips but decided not to take any action.






  Aussies up in arms over kangaroo, emu "Coat of Arms" chips
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