Bitter picture

According to Zapanta, these Filipino workers, aged between 20 and 40, were considered slaves, "abused either physically or sexually" by their foreign employers.

One of the victims narrated that she was frequently beaten up by her employer so she had no choice but to flee. This story was echoed by the experience of another, who suffered a graver fate when she escaped jumping from a window: The incident then left her with broken bones and black and blue all over.

Another Filipino woman relayed how she was recruited and promised work as a waitress but ended up in the flesh trade. She said she was sexually abused by five men in one day. Her employer sold her to pay back the sum she spent for her fare.

"You know what's sad about this?" Zapanta asked. "The one who fetched her and brought her to the place where she was abused was also a Filipino. It then makes us wonder if this Filipino, like her, is another victim or a party to the crime."

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