Meeting with OWWA

The prosecutors would want to bring this up to OWWA. They said they are preparing their reports and other materials before finally meeting with the agency.

"We would ask these questions that need to be addressed," Zapanta said.

The prosecutors are collecting full statements from the victims and studying the laws of Dubai for them to formulate the right complaints the victims can use against their employers. The team is closely working with the Interagency Council Against Trafficking regarding this matter and will be coming back in Dubai the soonest time possible.

Review departure process

In a report it made, the group recommends that the process as to how an OFW leaves the country be reviewed.

OFWs must pass through visa verification at the airport, then at the Bureau of Immigration, the Bureau of Customs, and the Bureau of Quarantine to prevent connivance in crimes against them, the report said.

Zapanta and company see it fit to have members of the Task Force Against Trafficking and the National Bureau of Investigation at the airport to conduct inquests and entrapments.

"We should stop sending Filipino women to Dubai as domestic helpers. It is recognised that to demand another country to enact a law protecting domestic helpers will be very difficult, arduous, and ambitious, but this has to be done. A bilateral agreement between the Philippines and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is also an option," said the report.

"We're going to do our best to prosecute these people who violate (our women)," Zapanta said. "Violent reactions are expected since we'd be prosecuting locals here, but this might lead to finally stopping human trafficking, so we're fortifying our efforts."

-Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

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