Unknown heat from ground scorches plants
Wed, Apr 28, 2010
China Daily/Asia News Network

CHINA - An abnormal ground heat occurred on Monday near a ditch in Xingsheng township of Tongnan county in Chongqing, drying up the soil and scorching plants within its 1 square meter radius, the Chongqing Evening News reported Tuesday.

White smoke was first seen coming out from ground and it attracted local residents to investigate. Some people took the temperature of the soil and found out it was 82 degrees Celsius, with temperatures continuing to rise, as the second reading they took recorded at 90 degrees Celsius.

The county's environmental protection bureau said the white smoke was not toxic gas, after examining it with a special device.

The cause of the heat and smoke is still being investigated.

-China Daily/ANN






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  Unknown heat from ground scorches plants
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