Hong Kong customs make $30m drugs seizure
Sat, Jul 17, 2010

HONG KONG - Hong Kong customs said Friday it had smashed a methamphetamine ring and seized 22.5 million US dollars (S$30.97 million) worth of the drug, which is also known as "ice".

Customs said the case was the largest one of its kind in Hong Kong, adding that they had arrested five people, including the suspected mastermind of the syndicate.

In an operation codenamed "Snow Fox", authorities seized 70 kilos of methamphetamine, 70 litres of liquidised methamphetamine and 200 litres of semi-processed liquidised methamphetamine after raiding a suspected manufacturing centre.

Officials said a large amount of drug making equipment and chemical raw materials were also found.

The five being held, aged between 25 and 60, will be charged with manufacturing a dangerous drug or trafficking and will appear at a Magistrates' Courts Saturday.

Under Hong Kong law, manufacturing and trafficking dangerous drugs carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and a fine of five million Hong Kong dollars (S$880,960).





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  Hong Kong customs make $30m drugs seizure
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