Distance yourselves from forces of corruption, imams tell civil servants
Sun, Oct 03, 2010
The Brunei Times/ANN

IMAMS yesterday urged civil servants to distance themselves from corruption, as they highlighted in the Friday sermon that graft is the primary activity that tarnishes the government's image.

Yesterday's sermon emphasised that civil servants should distance themselves from dishonest acts, ''abuse and misuse of their power and authority, prioritising their personal benefit and most importantly corruption''.

In conjunction with Civil Service Day 2010, the Friday sermon made clear that civil servants run the risk of losing the public's faith, tarnishing the image of the government, damaging their reputation by being involved in corruption.

''According to the statistics provided by the Civil Service Department, the number of cases that have been acted on by officers from the government involved 23 people,'' stated yesterday's sermon.

''These acts should not be undertaken by any members of the public service as they will surely taint the image of the government in the eyes of the public,'' imams said.

A direct result of these actions is the possibility of the public questioning the credibility of the government.

The sermon yesterday also highlighted that corruption is an act that is shunned by God and one that is mandatory for Muslims to distance themselves from.

Members of the public service are urged to carry out their duties, administer their work and responsibilities with the utmost endeavour, ''sincerely, effectively, with honesty, clarity (integrity) and fairly''.

''All public servants who have been given mandate to hold a position or post within the government must fulfill their role with spirit, responsibility as this is entrusted and bestowed by God (upon them),'' read the sermon.

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  Distance yourselves from forces of corruption, imams tell civil servants
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