Nurses advised: abstain from accepting tokens
Fri, Oct 08, 2010
The Brunei Times/ANN

CIVIL servants should not accept any tokens of appreciation or tips, said an official from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) yesterday during the orientation week for nurses and midwives.

The work that they carry out in their duties and their responsibilities as well as the pay that they receive at the end of the day should be rewarding enough for a job well done, said the officer.

Any token of appreciation or gift in return for special privileges can lead to other complications and that would seriously impede the quality of work for not only the employee but also the organisation itself, said the officer.

Everything can be traced back to the source through paper trails and once this happens, the consequences of these irresponsible acts may lead us down a very bleak path, he added.

The briefing, held at the Unit Pendidikan Lanjutan Kejururawatan at Ripas Hospital, explained to the nurses and midwivers the importance of integrity in the work field.

Pg Emran Pg Hj Metarsad, head of Special Investigation ACB, who conducted the briefing yesterday reminded the audience that corruption was everywhere and it was " up to us to know when simple and meaningless gifts can be wrongfully construed as graft by those around us".

The briefing was held in order to inform newly-commissioned nurses and midwives on the dangers of accepting gifts or any other tokens of appreciation as it may be considered as payment for special privileges and favours by the person giving the gift, said Pg Emran.

He added that the ability to tell when a gift was just a gift or comes with some form of obligation on the part of the recipient was a hard thing to do, therefore it was up to the person to make sure by putting into consideration what it means to give or receive these items from anyone.

The orientation programme for the 91 newly commissioned nurses and midwives throughout the country will be done in two groups to enable all participants to fully understand what is required of them.

Also part of the orientation is a layout of all tasks and duties in their selected fields, medical and health practices which include minimising infections in the work place, organisational structures, code of professional conduct and ethics and so on.

The orientation is currently on its fourth day and is scheduled to end on Saturday.

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