Profanity on HPB's Twitter was a mistake

SINGAPORE - "F... u lah, u same level as can dont talk to me like tt?"

Followers of Health Promotion Board's (HPB) Twitter feed got a rude shock on Friday afternoon when this profane comment was posted up. It was taken down within minutes, but not before Twitter users had re-tweeted, or quoted it on their own Twitter accounts for others to see.

The HPB Twitter feed, which has over 500 followers, usually makes regular announcements about HPB events and happenings. Shocked netizens were left speculating as to what had happened, with many saying the account had been hacked into by an Internet vandal.

"Either the accounts got crossed, or someone at HPB was really pissed off at someone else," said netizen Thiravasem on citizen journalism website Stomp.

HPB has since come forward to own up to the guffe, which was caused by a staff who had mixed up his personal account with the Board's.

HPB's deputy director for corporate communications, Ms Patricia Woo, said in The Straits Times today that the matter was looked upon seriously and apologised for the offensive language.

"We will ensure that this does not happen again," she was quoted as saying.

A screenshot of the erroneous HPB Tweet, which was reposted by another Twitter user.