Women in Singapore unprepared for life's big moments

Most women in Singapore are unprepared for life's key moments such as their first dates, a survey by by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) found.

In the poll, 189 women aged between 20 and 39 ranked job progression as their number one moment in terms of their career.

Graduation came in first among personal achievements while milestone birthdays (21st and 30th) took the lead ahead of their first date among social events.

A total of 68 per cent said they are unprepared and that more preparations should have been made for these significant moments.

45 per cent of those polled believed that their confidence and professionalism could be improved.

These women further claimed that attaining the next promotion in their professions was a challenge and believed that their confidence in the office can be improved.

And when asked whether they felt a lack in their social skills, the number of assents increased to 48 per cent.

The survey lasted from Aug 20 to Sept 9 and was conducted both online and offline. It was an attempt to find out key moments in the life of a woman in Singapore.