This hunk's a techie

SINGAPORE - This hunk is a geek who spent four years hosting tech shows such as Sony Style on AXN.

Hong Kong-born British host Oli Pettigrew, 31, told The New Paper: "It was awesome as I'd always be getting my hands on the latest gadgets months in advance."

But the father of two - Pettigrew is married to model and host Linda Black - is an all-rounder too.

Indeed, the hunk won the Best Entertainment Host/Presenter accolade at last year's Asian Television Awards for the show Cash Cab Asia.

He also recently launched his own gym, Ritual, on North Canal Road.

1. HTC Butterfly Smartphone

Pettigrew's choice of mobile phone is the HTC Butterfly.

The "winning" factor for him is its camera.

He explained: "I just think it's a sexy phone, especially the 1080p screen.

"One of my envious buddies pointed out that I have a full high-definition widescreen TV in my pocket, and this statement is pretty accurate."

2. Dr. Dre Beats Headphones

Pettigrew is particular about the quality of his headphones and wants something which lasts throughout his training sessions, especially in Singapore's humid weather.

"Headphones and I have had a hate-hate relationship for years because they kept dying on me.

Having gone through many versions and brands of headphones, Pettigrew decided that the Beats headphones by Dr. Dre might just be the one for him.

He said: "I've replaced my headphones three times.

"The first two times, I bought 'sweat-resistant' and 'sports' headphones, and in both cases, they 'died' within 20 minutes of using them while running.

"What a waste of money!"

3. Xbox Kinect

Fatherhood has had an impact on a few things in Pettigrew's life, one of which was his geeky hobby of getting behind his Xbox Kinect.

"I was a huge gamer before my kids showed up. I was active on games such as Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Batman: Arkham City," he said.

He has since cut back on his gaming hours.

Pettigrew explained: "I can't be staying up to 1am to play games any more because six hours later, two kids will jump on me."

4. Sprocket Rocket Camera

Pettigrew got hooked on this sophisticated camera after being approached by an organisation to be one of its worldwide representatives.

He said: "I was actually approached by the Lomographic Society International to be one of their representative."

The photos taken on this camera don't just remain in a memory folder - they are posted online and discussed.

Pettigrew said: "Essentially, I have my shots, and after they are developed, they are posted online and I do interviews to talk about the pictures."

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