I hate the fame game, says Evangeline Lilly
Wed, Aug 18, 2010
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CANADIAN actress Evangeline Lilly, who plays convicted murderer Kate Austen on cult science-fiction television series Lost, is idolised by millions of "Losties" around the world.

But it is precisely that celebrity that the 31-year-old dislikes the most about her job.

On the line with Asian media recently, from Hawaii, where filming for the final season of the show had just wrapped, Lilly was extremely vocal about her distaste for fame.

"(Being thrust into the world of celebrity) is something that I never wanted and never valued," she said. "I've learnt how to live and deal with it, but I've never learnt to enjoy it."

Perhaps, then, the end of Lost - which premiered in 2004 and follows a group of plane-crash survivors marooned on a tropical island - is a welcome reprieve for the Alberta native.

Still, while the girl may be ready to say goodbye, fans of the programme, which is known for its hard-hitting mysteries and rapidly-changing plotlines, may just be left hanging.

Asked about what the sixth season (and, more importantly, finale) holds, Lilly was elusive. She said coyly: "It's going to be something that people will either absolutely love, or not love... if we didn't make some people a little bit annoyed then we're not doing our jobs."

But there's one thing the Golden Globe-nominated actress - who also had a bit role in Oscar-winning war movie The Hurt Locker - is going to miss about her time on the JJ Abrams-created show.

She told my paper she will miss the 150 crew and cast members, including actors Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox, who play James "Sawyer" Ford and Jack Shepard (Austen's romantic interests), respectively.

"There are so many wonderful memories... you get spoiled with love and the feeling of being part of this big family," she said thoughtfully.

Now, Lilly hopes to concentrate instead on her philanthropic efforts and her passion for writing.

The eloquent brunette writes everything from children's stories to screenplays to novels, she revealed.

"Whatever I feel inspired to write, I put my pen to paper and write it," she added.

But no matter where her career takes her, Lilly is glad to have been part of the Lost phenomenon (the sixth season averaged 11 million viewers per episode in the United States).

She mused: "It's surreal and strange that people all around the world that I've never met before have some kind of connection to me... I feel grateful for the way the world has embraced our show, and (through the show) me."


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  I hate the fame game, says Evangeline Lilly
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