British-Indian actress wants a Malaysian role

By Zack Yusof and Steven Patrick

Archie Panjabi, the Emmy award winning actress from The Good Wife, wants a Malaysian role because she loves the accent.

Panjabi has done Indian, Scottish and American accents throughout her acting career.

The 40-year-old thinks the Malaysian "las" are cool and has a nice ring to it.

"I'd love to play a Malaysian character," she says.

"I've been to Malaysia about half a dozen times. I have family in Port Dickson and Seremban. I'm almost a Malaysian," she adds.

Panjabi was in town for a media session to promote The Good Wife, which is currently showing on the Diva Universal channel on Astro.

The Good Wife has had 4 wins and 28 nominations at the Emmy Awards and The Golden Globes.

She won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in A Drama Series in 2010 for her role as Kalinda Sharma.

"It's a fun and interesting character, I get to bash cars with baseball bats and use guns. I enjoyed it...which is quite worrying, really," she jokes.

Panjabi enthuses on the The Good Wife, "All the characters are complex and people seem to relate to them," she says.

Panjab says the cast has a lot of fun behind the scenes. It's a family!" she says.

Her film credits include Bend It Like Beckham, The Constant Gardner, a Mighty Heart and Yasmin, which earned her The Shooting Star Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

She was born in England, where she currently resides.

She spent her childhood in Mumbai and considers herself part Bombay-ite and part British.

-The Daily Chilli