Wind beneath my 'PAP' youth wings

I tell you, these civil servants, so l-i-t-e-r-a-l one.

The youth wing came, wearing wings, wor!

Plastic lah, feathers lah, nylon lah.

So PA, so CC, aiyah, Comradely Correct, mah.

One, hor, so kiasu, she attended with a whole bird round her neck!

Then she goose me, she said: "You have been Bjorked."

But I tell you, best party of the year.

You never go? Ne'mine, I take you, see the pictures...

Welcome to the People's Acting Party, the theme for this year's Wild Rice Ball - its 10th - held on Friday night.

Off and away, the annual Wild Rice gala is the most anticipated charity event, growing in support each year.

An organising committee member said: "Until 11pm last night, people were still calling for a seat."

Eleven more tables were added, raising altogether $400,000 for the theatre company with a distinctive Singaporean voice.

"Comrades," Ivan Heng, its founder and artistic director, addressed the eager crowd.

Its contingent of fiercely professional talents, in characteristic wit and irony, brought the house down with its biting comedy, and got the house up with its musical performances.

(What must Shangri-La Hotel guests have thought - the ball was in the Island Ballroom - of the men and women turning up in the thematic white? Probably that it was a conference of Dynamo Detergent's top salesmen.)

Born This Way celebrated our diversity in a brilliant performance from Bhaskar's Arts Academy and Gani Abdul Karim, and the "PAP" dancers, in what came close to something out of Lion (City) King.

Comedy sketch The Stall Next Door pit one hawker's mee pok against another's Teochew muay, and before you could vote in the winner, it's a police raid, with officers from Bobbi's Pole Studio.

Fakkah Fuzz is the new stand-up comic to applaud (look out Kumar), in parts, his delivery reminds one of Chris Rock.

Put Kumar, Sebastian Tan the Broadway Beng guy, Hossan Leong the Singapore Boy and Fuzz together and watch communities build for the future.

A shout-out to Karen Tan and why don't we see more of her, the girl can morph from Ah Lian to Filipina to pukka, in song and dance, in three quick costume changes.

Speaking of which, once again, kudos to fashion designer Frederick Lee for dressing the indefatigable, unsinkable Heng in his many incarnations as Tiger Beer Lady, Lady Baba and last Friday night, the Diva sans pareil.

Borne in on a platform of the People's Acting Party. I tell you, gahmen should support, lor.

This article was first published in The New Paper.