Tai Chi Master

HONG KONG - He may be a handsome Hollywood star with legions of fans and a string of hits like Speed, The Matrix trilogy and the Bill & Ted movies.

But when it came to talking about his directorial debut, Keanu Reeves showed that he's still got some Ted left in him.

The 47-year-old Canadian actor had a most excellent dude moment on Sunday when this reporter asked if he was filming his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, on film or digital format.

The movie is now in production in Beijing, but Reeves was at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center for a panel discussion on a documentary he recently produced, called Side By Side.

The discussion was on the evolution of movie-making technology from film to digital format, which prompted the question.

Reeves smiled and answered: "Digital."

Then tried to explain.

"It's complicated (why I had to film in digital format). I like this question," he told The New Paper, laughing sheepishly.

"It all comes down to resources. I really wanted to shoot (the movie) on film, but I couldn't afford it. It's so weird. The production couldn't afford to shoot on film." Wait, what?

However, Reeves immediately contradicted himself.

It wasn't about the money, it was because he wanted to make a movie with a modern feel, and thus filmed Man Of Tai Chi in digital format, he said.

Then he contradicted himself. Again.

Just as quickly, he continued: "That's not true either. I could (make the movie on film and) get it digitalised."

Then, as if realising the confusion he had caused, he gave up trying to explain and just gave an embarrassed grin: "Ai yai yai..."


Looks like Reeves is already in character to reprise his role as the ditzy slacker Ted in the soon-to-be-filmed third movie of the Bill & Ted series.

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