Who's Ryan Guzman?

Who's That Guy?

The 24-year-old Mexican-American model-actor from Abilene, Texas, has the makings of a new Channing Tatum.

Where Yove've Seen Him

You probably haven't seen him, unless you happen to catch him in his Calvin Klein underwear adverts or television commercials for Old Navy and Gillette.

Why Him?

He's a hottie, but like Tatum, he has charisma that appeals to both guys and girls.

He started out trying to be a mixed martial arts fighter before he began modelling, but didn't have any professional dance training.

He's fit enough for action, handsome enough for rom-coms, but it remains to be seen whether he has the chops to build a lasting career.

What's New?

He makes his feature film debut as the male star of Step Up Revolution, the latest instalment in the popular Step Up dance movie franchise, which opens here today.

He plays Sean, the rebellious son of working-class Cuban immigrants who leads his dance crew in a battle against a developer who is threatening their neighbourhood.

The catch? He's fallen for the developer's beautiful daughter Emily (Kathryn McCormick).


On working hard to prove himself

"The audition process was really scary for me, especially free-styling in front of a bunch of people, but it made me that much more motivated. I was practising until one o'clock in the morning, and then showing up early to do my thing. I was a little shaky when I saw all the professional dancers in their element, but I pushed past the fear."

On his refusal to use a body double for his dance scenes

"The initial thing was that they were going to cast a guy and they were just going to double him for the dancing sequence. I'm a very competitive person, so I wanted to be dancing in the movie."

On his shirtlessness

"Yeah, man. That was the ongoing joke with the wardrobe people - they always seemed to have me in no shirt, or if they had the shirt, it'd be cut so you could see my stomach. I was like, 'I feel like my character Sean would be wearing clothes sometimes,' but they didn't want that."

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