No to housing families waiting for HDB rental flats in dorms: Khaw

Applicants who are in urgent need of a HDB rental can be offered one under the Interim Rental Housing Scheme, says Minister of National Development (MND) Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

Mr Khaw was responding to a query from MP for Hong Kah GRC, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, who asked if the Ministry would consider easing the short-term demand for HDB rental housing by putting up such applicants in lodging that was similar to those built for foreign worker dormitories until the new rental flats are completed.

Mr Khaw noted that housing them within a HDB community with access to estate facilities is preferable. He also said that such dormitory-type housing may not be suitable for families.

There are currently 1,900 such applicants on the waiting list. Mr Khaw also noted that the average waiting time for these rental units has been shortened to five months. The outstanding demand will also be cleared while meeting demand from new applicants as the supply of rental flats is ramped up.