Sewer pipe in Stamford Canal to be diverted

PUB will divert an existing sewer pipe inside Stamford Canal to improve the flow capacity. The 12m long sewer pipe currently cuts across the Canal near Killiney Road.

A short sewer pipe will be constructed under Orchard Road to accept sewage flow from the old pipe, after which the existing pipe will be removed.

Traffic will not be affected as the sewer pipe will be laid using a method which does not require excavation.

The construction work is expected to be completed by January 2013 and will take place during 7am to 6pm. The contractor will use a silent piler to reduce construction noise.

Hoardings will be erected at the open green space near the junction of Orchard Road and Killiney Road. The pedestrian walkway along the hoardings will be temporarily narrowed.

PUB is also planning to remove a NEWater pipe in the Canal and smoothen the Canal wall with a polymer lining.

Flow capacity of the Canal is expected to improve by an estimated 10 per cent.

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