Almost 80 per cent feel SMRT drivers should be punished: poll

SINGAPORE - An average of 76 per cent of respondents in a snap poll have indicated that they felt the Government has acted swiftly in regards to the recent strikes started by SMRT bus drivers from China.

An average of 78 per cent also agreed that the drivers should be punished fully according to the law, the poll conducted by REACH found.

Additionally, an average of 76 per cent indicated that SMRT had to bear some responsibility for not managing the grievances of their workers well.

Key highlights from the poll can be found in the press release below:

Following an illegal strike involving SMRT bus drivers on Nov 26 and 27, REACH conducted a poll to examine public sentiments on this issue.

The poll was conducted from Nov 30 to Dec 2, 2012 with 313 Singaporean citizens aged 15 years and above.

A summary of the poll findings is available on the REACH website (

The key highlights are: A large majority of Singaporeans seemed to be aware of the illegal strike with an average of 85 per cent of respondents indicating awareness.

An average of 56 per cent agreed with the way in which the Government has taken the time to ascertain the facts before labelling the action as an illegal strike.

An average of 76 per cent agreed that the Government has acted swiftly in bringing the situation under control.

An average of 74 per cent agreed that the Chinese bus drivers should have gone through the proper channels to air their grievances.

An average of 78 per cent agreed that if the bus drivers from China are found to have breached Singapore's law, they should be punished to the full extent of the law, as Singapore has zero tolerance for illegal strikes.

An average of 76 per cent agreed that while the bus drivers from China were wrong to have staged a strike, SMRT also bears some responsibility as it did not manage the grievances of the Chinese well.

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