WP picks Lee Li Lian for past work

SINGAPORE - She was chosen as the Workers' Party's (WP's) candidate for Punggol East, for her prior experience in the ward, her personal attributes and willingness to work the ground.

In a surprise move, Ms Lee Li Lian, 34, was yesterday announced as the WP's candidate, ending speculation that Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) Gerald Giam would be fielded.

Earlier news reports, citing party sources, tipped Mr Giam, 35, as the likely choice to contest the Single-Member Constituency.

The ward's seat was left vacant after former MP Michael Palmer resigned on Dec 12, citing an extramarital affair.

At a press conference held at the party's Syed Alwi Road headquarters yesterday, WP chairman Sylvia Lim said that NCMPs from WP were also considered, but Ms Lee was the "best to represent WP in this by-election".

She explained that as Ms Lee had experience in Punggol East, she has an understanding of the "concerns and profile of the residents".

Ms Lee, who is a trainer in the financial sector, contested Punggol East in the 2011 General Election but lost to Mr Palmer, who won by 54 per cent.

Ms Lim said: "She has some understanding of the ground from her previous campaign there and will work tirelessly to serve the residents of Punggol East."

Ms Lim said the decision to field Ms Lee was made last Saturday.

Ms Lee added that her campaign message will be to focus on residents' needs.

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