N Korea shows no sign of repositioning forces: Britain

North Korean defector living in Seoul conducts a choir during a service held to pray for peace and reunification of the divided Korean peninsula at a church.

LONDON - Britain urged calm on Sunday over the spiralling nuclear tensions with North Korea, saying that Pyongyang had shown no signs of repositioning its armed forces despite its "paranoid rhetoric".

Foreign Secretary William Hague added that there was no immediate need to withdraw British diplomats despite Pyongyang warning that it could not guarantee their safety if conflict broke out.

"It is important to stress that we haven't seen in recent days, in recent weeks a change in what is happening in North Korean society. We've not been able to observe that," Hague told BBC television.

"We haven't seen the repositioning of forces or the redeployment of ground forces that one might see in a period prior to a military assault or to an all-out conflict.

"That's why I say it's important to keep calm as well as to be firm and united about this."

The heads of EU missions in Pyongyang met on Saturday after North Korea warned that they should consider evacuating as it could not guarantee their safety after April 10 in the event of conflict breaking out.

"I haven't seen any immediate need to respond to that by moving our diplomats out of there," Hague said.

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