Chinese fisherman kills Korean coast guard officer

A Chinese captain stabbed two South Korean coast guard officers, killing one and injuring the other on Monday after being stopped on suspicion of illegal fishing in South Korean territory, officials said.

According to the Incheon Coast Guard, the incident happened after one of its patrols stopped two Chinese fishing boats off the coast of Socheong-do at around 7 a.m. A fight erupted shortly after and the two Koreans were injured with one dying after being transported to a local hospital.

Officials said one of its patrols stopped the two Chinese fishing boats 87 kilometers southwest of the island on suspicions of poaching in Korean waters on Monday morning.

Shortly after maritime police boarded one of the 66-ton vessels named the "Yogeumuh," the other crashed into the ship.

The nine fishermen on the Yogeumuh then fought, back, during which the Chinese captain stabbed 41-year-old corporal Lee in the side with a glass shard in the wheelhouse, officials said.

During the attack, the second officer, 33-year-old Lee, also sustained injuries.

The two Lees and the Chinese captain were transported via helicopter to Inha University Hospital, some three hours after the fight.

The corporal passed away due to severe damage to internal organs.

In response to the incident, Park Suk-hwan the first vice foreign minister summoned Chinese ambassador Zhang Xinsen to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

According to officials, Park "strongly protested" the incident with Zhang behind closed doors after a brief greet and photo opportunity.

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