On Dec. 8, Zhang simply told Korean officials that the Chinese government is "increasing education" for its fishermen.

Because of the Chinese fishermen's increasing audacity and Korea's lame duck policy towards prosecution to safeguard diplomatic ties, the public has grown increasingly frustrated over the incidents.

Incheon Coast Guard's community forum began to see posts with citizens protesting the lack of measures and the needless loss of Korean lives.

This incident marks the first death by Chinese fishermen in three years after a South Korean coast guard officer was killed and six others injured in September 2008.

According to coast guard officials, they are seeing an increasing number of Chinese ships entering Korean waters.

They added that 439 Chinese ships have been seized and fined for poaching in the West Sea as of November.

Chinese ships have become increasingly bold in expanding territories to feed the country's growing demand, fearing little from the South Korean government as profits outweigh the risk of fines.

Earlier this month government officials said they would raise the fines for trespassing into Korea's exclusive economic zone, but the recent incident highlighted the lack of effective measures.

"We will review our overall countermeasures through this incident," said one Cheong Wa Dae official after the incident.

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