Brand new Breakfast Show on Radio 91.3FM
Fri, Jun 06, 2008
The Straits Times

RADIO listeners, be prepared to get your mornings shaken up with a brand new Breakfast Show on Radio 91.3FM.

That's because co-hosts Suzanne Walker and Sheikh Haikel, together with News and Traffic Guy Elliot Danker, and man on the street Boy Thunder will be bringing you a programme that's jam-packed with new offerings.

Get ready for all new games, segments, song parodies, fake ads and more.

When asked for his thoughts on the show, new host Haikel, who's making a comeback to radio, said: 'I hope I don't upset anyone this time'.

His co-host, Suzanne, joked: 'I'm so excited to be finally working with someone who looks worse than I do first thing in the morning!'

The Breakfast Show kicks off on Monday, June 9, at 6am.


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