2005 - 2010

[Above: Movie still from "Where Got Ghost?"]

2005 - Directed "I Do I Do", Acted in "I Do I Do" (Singapore), Acted in "One More Chance" (Singapore), Directed "One More Chance"

Wins the 2005 Cultural Medallion.

"Homerun" awarded for People's Choice Award Montreal International Children's Film Festival.

Photo: SPH

2006 - Directed "I Not Stupid Too" (box office earnings hit S$4.6 million), acted in "I Not Stupid Too" (Singapore)

2007 - Directed "Just Follow Law"

2008 - Wrote, directed and acted in "Ah Long Pte Ltd", Wrote, directed and acted in "Money no Enough 2"

2009 - Wrote and directed "Love Matters", Directed and acted in "Where Got Ghost?"

2010 - Directed "Being Human Being"


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