Macho Chau discovers his feminine side

By Christina Ang

FOR Hong Kong-born, Taiwan-based crooner Wakin Chau, singing songs by divas is no mean feat.

At a press conference held yesterday at a karaoke chain in Orchard Cineleisure to promote the Diva Wakin Chau Live Concert this weekend, the 50-year-old confessed that he was overwhelmed by the sorrow in 1930s Chinese songbird Zhou Xuan's voice when covering her classic song, The Wandering Songstress.

He lamented: "Getting in touch with their emotions, particularly pain and sorrow, is tough. I never realised a woman can be that sad."

He explained: "For a man, no matter how sorrowful you are, you will think about your pride. If things are tough, men pretend to be strong."

At the same time, he also felt that women tend to suppress their feelings when they suffer.

He said: "They can't express themselves like men, because it may come across as vulgar and brash. They lose a bit of their sensuality."

Such is the emotional delicacy he must convey: "When I play the feminine role, I try to get into contact with those feelings."

The inspiration for the all-women repertoire came about after he received great feedback on the way he delivered songs written by Taiwanese songsmith Jonathan Lee for divas - like Winnie Hsin and Sandy Lam - during the

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