Why is George Young still single?

SINGAPORE - He is considered one of the most eligible hotties in local showbiz and has been based in Singapore for more than a year now.

So how is it that Fly Entertainment artiste George Young, 32, is still single and available?

Of course, that's not to say that the grapevine hasn't been buzzing about his rumoured romantic links to Taiwanese-American model-host Janet Hsieh and local actress Rebecca Lim.

The British actor-host "swore" that he's dating neither woman, but he indicated that he is open to the idea.

He co-starred with Lim, 24, in the local TV series The Pupil 2 and co-hosted the travel series Fun Taiwan with Hsieh, 32.

Young told The New Paper: "I go clubbing with Rebecca alot and have meals with her, so naturally people who have seen us together would assume that there is something going on between us.

"As for Janet, we have been really good friends since 2004 and I have also confided in her about relationship stuff.

"I'm very happy with all the rumours as they are two very pretty girls. You never know, maybe something will happen, never say never."

Lim told The New Paper in a separate interview: "George and I hang out a lot together for drinks and meals, we're just friends.

"He's a very confident person. If he says I'm pretty, I have to say he's good-looking right? He is, lah.

"If he wants me, he better take action."

And why not? He may as well get a Singaporean girlfriend, now that his parents and brothers, who are in England, may move here.

Young - the eldest of four boys born to a Chinese father and Greek mother - said he has been in four relationships since he was 16.

Two of the women were British, one Japanese-Irish and one Swedish.

"My last relationship with my Swedish girlfriend ended three years ago.

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