Singapore YouTube singer said no to Jack Neo

SINGAPORE - 19-year-old Samuel Driscoll, whose YouTube channel has close to 19,000 subscribers, is one patriotic young Singaporean who looks forward to National Service.

But interestingly, the 1.9m tall half-British, half-Chinese Temasek Polytechnic student, gave up the chance to play an army boy in homegrown director Jack Neo's upcoming film, Ah Boys to Men.

"It's a cool film. It's about National Service and it's close to my heart, but it's not something that I'm ready to do," said the YouTube singer, songwriter and left-handed guitarist. He added that he has no regrets about declining this golden ticket to fame, as he is not making music for fame and money anyway.

Better known as Sammmydee in cyberspace, Driscoll first shot to fame last November with his wacky "So Singaporean" video series. He will be performing his first ticketed gig, the Sweet and Sour Pop Concert along with other homegrown talents including Toh Yi Fan (Tzire), Benjamin Hum and Chen Yiyuan, at the Arts House on June 22nd, 2012.

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