Who is Tosh Zhang?

Who's that guy?

The 23-year-old cool and chatty dude with a wicked sense of humour is from our little island.

Where you've seen him

If you're into the dance scene, you may recognise him from when he was part of famous home-grown breakdancing group Radikal Forze from 2003 to 2010.

Why him

Known as Tosh Rock online, he has more than 6,300 subscribers to his YouTube channel where he vlogs (video logs) about local issues such as Amy Cheong, people with body odour and girls who don't shave their armpits.

His videos have received 711,000 views so far.

What's new

The video editor is now an "accidental actor". He plays Sergeant Ong, an instructor to a bunch of recruits in Jack Neo's new movie Ah Boys To Men.

He also wrote and performed the film's theme song Recruit's Anthem.


On his growing popularity as a YouTuber

"I'm quite scared of fame because it changes people even though they may not realise it. I want to stay as close to my roots as possible.

It's fun and fulfilling to be recognised by people on the streets. It makes my day that they enjoy my videos and look up to me."

On playing the strict and sarcastic sergeant in Ah Boys To Men

"Scolding someone is actually very tiring. If I wasn't loud enough, (Jack Neo) would tell me to do it again, louder. When the cameras rolled, I got straight into what I call my 'Rambo mood'.

There was a scene where I was having a conversation with (actor Joshua Tan, who plays a recruit), and I suddenly shouted 'No' at him even though I wasn't supposed to say anything. I was so used to shouting that the word just came out. When the cameras stopped rolling, I would be back to my smiling self."

On other actors

"The waiting time between filming was long and the other actors (who play the soldiers) made it a lot more fun. We danced, sang and beatboxed while waiting, and it was really like being in the army."

On writing the film's theme song Recruit's Anthem

"I spent two to three weeks writing the song and (Jack Neo) rejected it twice.

I wanted to make the song relatable to army recruits and my goal is to have them sing it (when they are in the army)."

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