Happy co-drivers

SINGAPORE - More than a decade after comedians Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee last worked together on a project, they insist that the chemistry between them is better than ever.

The two co-stars of the football comedy One Leg Kicking (2001) reunite in film Taxi! Taxi!, which opened in cinemas yesterday.

Filming the new movie together was so "fun and easy", says Lee, 44, that it was as if the two had been regular collaborators all this time. He tells Life! that joking around with Singh, 47, was all in a day's work on the movie set.

"Gurmit had told me some joke one morning, and I loved it so much I went to tell everyone else the same joke. Then, many hours later, I saw Gurmit again and started telling him the joke," he says in Mandarin.

"He just looked at me halfway through and said, 'Hey, I was the one who told you this joke lah.' It was so funny - we had a really good laugh."

During the joint interview with Life!, the two were clearly in good spirits, sharing easy banter and good-natured jibes directed at each other.

Despite the obvious language barrier between them - Lee speaks mostly Mandarin while Singh speaks English - they chatted happily using an awkward mixture of both languages plus a smattering of Hokkien.

Lee says: "As soon as we were on the set together again, we were reminiscing often and saying things like, 'Hey, remember on One Leg Kicking, we did this', and 'Remember that one guy did this...'.

"It is really very easy and enjoyable to work with Gurmit. After all these years, I think we're still quite childish, telling stupid jokes between us."

Singh says one major reason why the two have taken so long to work together again is the lack of suitable scripts.

"The script for Taxi! Taxi! was therefore perfect for both of us, because one character speaks English and the other in Mandarin but it still makes sense due to their backgrounds."

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