Flash floods hit Liat Towers and other parts of Orchard Road

SINGAPORE - Flash floods hit Liat Towers at Orchard Road and other parts of the main shopping belt today at about 5pm.

A Stomp report said that the water level at parts of Orchard Road was up to ankle-high due to the heavy showers in the afternoon.

A reader, Xinyi, who sent photos to the online citizen journalism website said: "The water level was up to a car's wheel. I saw people crossing the road without shoes on as the water level was above their ankles."

It was also reported that the carpark behind fashion outlet H&M is submerged in water, and vehicles had difficulty manoeuvring through the flood. 

Other parts of Singapore were also affected such as the area near United Square, Cambridge Road and Kampong Java Road, where a car was reportedly stuck in the flood waters.