Zeng blames pet bird for conviction

He had been a familiar face at the General Election last year when he considered running as a candidate.

Known for his eccentricity, Mr Zeng Guoyuan, 59, arrived at Serangoon Junior College on his motorcycle at about 11am yesterday, but walked out of the nomination centre about an hour later.

Dressed in an Indian-inspired outfit, the hair-products seller said that an election official told him that he was unable to contest because of a 2008 conviction for using abusive language on two police officers who entered his MacPherson shophouse.

He protested against this to reporters, confidently explaining that it was instead his pet bird that mouthed the expletive.

In a media statement, the Elections Department later said that Mr Zeng "did not file his nomination papers after seeking clarifications about the qualifications to be a candidate in a parliamentary election".

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