Yam Ah Mee gives thanks on last day as Returning Officer

SINGAPORE - He shot to fame after videos of him announcing the 2011 General Elections went viral online.

However, yesterday night was the last time Singaporeans got to see Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee announce the elections results.

After overseeing four elections in two years, the 56-year-old will retire from civil service in March and will be stepping down from his position as Chief Executive Director of the People's Association and Returning Officer.

"Yes, I'm retiring from civil service after spending the last 36 years in the civil service. I've thoroughly enjoyed my tour in the civil service, in the people sector, and really would thank a lot fellow colleagues across the civil service for the experience," he said.

In an exclusive interview with RazorTV, Mr Yam talks about his role as Returning Officer and gives us a glimpse of his busy work day on polling day for the Punggol East by-election.

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