Three days later, Sergeant Khaldun accessed the hard drive to examine it for suspicious material. When he found none in it, he returned it to Dr Todd's parents the next day.

The FBI report confirmed that the hard drive Mr and Mrs Todd claimed they had found in their son's apartment was the same one Sgt Khaldun had recovered from the scene.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Kristen Soong from the Technology Crime Forensic Branch concurred with the FBI report.

ASP Soong, testifying in court on Tuesday, said the police had examined the hard drive, a mobile phone, two laptops and a computer CPU retrieved from Dr Todd's home, and found searches for suicide-related websites on some of those devices.

Several keyword searches using the words "kill", "murder", "fear", "danger", "worry", "safety" and "espionage", however, did not turn up any results.

ASP Soong and four other witnesses are expected to take the stand today. They include experts from the Health Sciences Authority and a general practitioner Dr Todd saw between March and April last year.

On Tuesday, his parents arrived in court with their 25-year-old son Chet and his wife Corynne.

Earlier in the day, their lawyers questioned if police procedures may have hampered investigations and also suggested their son may have been killed elsewhere before being brought back to his flat.

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