Hougang captain gives his side of the story

"I don't know why they are targeting me," he said. "Maybe it was because of the previous match at Queenstown? One of them punched me. I know it was a reserve player, because he was wearing a bib.

"I did not do anything, I did not retaliate, I didn't punch him. But we (both sides) exchanged words, and maybe because of that, they were looking forward to the next game against us."

He told TNP that he felt victimised when he read the reports of the footbrawl, especially as he was singled out by some witnesses.

"How am I supposed to feel?" asked Shariff, who is the son of former national captain Samad Allapitchay.

"I feel disappointed. Sad. Every time something happens, I'm seen as the culprit. Even though I was there to stop the fight. I think it's unfair. I want to clear my name."

Shariff has faced disciplinary problems in the past.

While at Sembawang Rangers in 2003, he was banned for nine months and fined $500 for leaving Geylang United defender Peter Bennett with a broken nose during an S-League game.

And that is something he never wishes to experience again.

"I was banned before, so I don't want to get banned again," said Shariff.

"I felt like s*** during the ban. Football is my life. I really don't want to get into trouble with the FA... I really don't know what to say.

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