Have counsellors in casinos to help problem gamblers
Mon, Dec 21, 2009
my paper

I APPLAUD the move by the integrated resorts to check the names of customers before they can enter casinos.

I also hope that casinos could place trained counsellors onsite to counsel problem gamblers.

The availability of such services could hopefully encourage these gamblers to seek assistance when they suffer bad losses at the tables.

Support groups and free literature could also be made available to those who need help with their problem.

Gambling, like alcohol and drugs, can be addictive. It has also been a source of issues for many families and some gamblers resort to borrowing from loan sharks to sustain their habit.

The only way to curb gamblers' addiction is to deny them the opportunity to gamble.

I hope that the authorities would not loosen controls over problem gamblers, as doing so would only aggravate the social problems associated with gambling and illegal borrowing.





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