NEA should look at smoking prohibition rules
Mon, Dec 28, 2009


This is regarding the smoking prohibition rule.

May I request the NEA to review the rule for the sake of HDB dwellers?

Currently is it perfectly legal for a smoker to take his puff along the HDB corridors and nearby lift landing areas while passing second hand smoke to innocent flat dwellers whose units are just right along the corridors?

I'm a resident of Block 5 Delta Avenue, it has become more common for smokers to get their nicotine fixes just right outside my unit (which is just footsteps away from the lobby).

This is already bad on weekday nights when folks would smoke through the night.

During weekends, the situation gets worse as friends and guests would come by and loiter at the lobby and corridors to enjoy their smoking breaks, chatting and laughing with no regards to the noise and air pollution they make (and occasionally leaving cans of beer and drinks behind).

Months ago i called up the neighbourhood police post to provide feedback about our plights, the police responded that the above are legal and they advise that I approach my neighbours to dissuade them from smoking at the lobby areas.

I would like both SPF and NEA to clarify if the smoking prohibition rule includes HDB lift lobby area.

If so, the police at River Valley police post have given me the wrong advice as until I visited NEA website today, I had the impression that it is legal to smoke at HDB lobby area.

I would very much wanted to put up no smoking and no spitting signs at the life lobby and I'm sure these will be taken down by your zealous cleaners or the guilty neighbours almost immediately!

Speaking from experience after sticking a reminder to my neighbours to bring their unwanted stuff to ground level instead of disposing them at the upper floor lift lobbies.

Imagine your neighbours coughing and spitting their phlegm right outside your bedroom, which is just a wall and window apart? Well I have been living with that for months!

Since the police do not wish to intervene, I had on my own accord on an occasion in June this year, attempted to persuade my teenage neighbour and his adult friends to smoke at ground level instead.

The next few days I found cigarette butts right outside my unit every other day.

Since then, with remembrance of two incidents which happened 10 and 5 years back when cigarette butts were thrown into my living room during the wee hours, I have no more courage to voice out my displeasure to smokers who continue to harm my family and myself through their second hand smoke.

Where is the civility of Singapore people?

May I ask what are the actions of NEA and Town Council to alleviate the above situation?

While we applaud NEA's efforts a year ago to widen the smoking prohibition rule, NEA certainly needs to continue to widen the non-smoking areas to protect the majority of non-smoking Singaporeans.

Meanwhile, can the Authorities concerned also install signages to remind people not to smoke at the lift lobby and the nearby lift landing areas, and more signages, or notices/pamplets to educate people to be considerate to fellow residents by being mindful of their doings, be it spitting, smoking, littering.

Where is the law to protect those who suffer from acts of mischief/malice after approaching their neighbours to be more mindful/considerate?

As I'm writing this e-mail to you, I'm trying hard to recover from headache and the giddiness as a result of the smoking activities within 10m from my bedroom.

Unlike hawker centres or bus-stops, I can move away from smokers either by changing my seat or walking to the other end of the bus stop.

In the above case, there is no way for me/my family/fellow non-smoker neighbours to escape but continue breathing in the harmful pollutants within the confined spaces of our homes. Why should we be silent sufferers?

Thank you. I hope I do get a proper response from the authorities here.


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