Liew Hanqing
Mon, Nov 12, 2007
The New Paper
Confessions of a M'sian gigolo

ELOQUENT and well-dressed, he seems a typical 30-something Malaysian yuppie.

But John, 34 (not his real name) leads a double life. He's a paralegal worker by day and a toy boy by night.

His gigolo sideline yields more than triple the salary he earns as a law executive.

On an average month, he makes up to RM10,000 ($4,300) servicing older female clients.

And that's not counting the lavish presents they shower on him.

Also in this gigolo circle is the 34-year-old Algerian man who has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Singaporean woman in one of Kuala Lumpur's party zones, Bangsar.

The woman, 50-year-old Mahani Abdullah, was found dead on 3 Nov in a condominum.

Like the Algerian gigolo, John is no stranger to Singaporean women.

Six years ago, he met a Singaporean woman in her 40s while partying at Hard Rock Cafe in Kuala Lumpur.

"She was having marriage problems and was looking for comfort," he said.

After making eye contact, John started chatting with her.

"I asked if she was having problems and whether she needed to talk to somebody," he said.

He went from confidante to lover in a matter of a few dates.

"On the fifth time or so, I started asking for money. After all, she was wealthy," he said.

She didn't seem to mind. In fact, the woman bought him a Breitling watch which cost several thousand dollars for his birthday.

He said: "It's my fancy watch - I still wear it on special occasions and for business meetings."

"I need the money to sustain my lifestyle - I'm a party animal," he said.

He also has a penchant for expensive watches. On his wrist is a $5,000 Omega watch he bought with his earnings.

"The money is so good, it's hard to stop," he said.

The self-confessed seeker of older women said what he enjoys most about the sideline is the pampering.

"All I have to do is ask for what I want and I usually get it," he said.

The women he meets, he said, are usually rich ones who have been neglected by their husbands.

"Some of them just want companionship. They're all not in it for the sex. But of course, there are those who only want sex," he added.

Most of his clients, he says, are older women he chats up at nightclubs.

He said: "I spend time observing them - their body language, the way they dress and the way they style their hair.

"You can guess their background from their dressing and the way they behave."

He targets affluent women in their 40s because of their "spending power".

What keeps them happy, he says, is the fact that he tries to make them each feel special.

"I have a pet name for each one of them, like 'sayang' or 'darling'. I just need to remember them," he said, laughing.

In the initial stages, John says he makes it a point to take the women out for dinner or drinks - his treat.

"Through conversation, I can tell if I'll be able to get money out of them. I succeed most of the time," he said.

Flowers are also a good way to keep his clients happy, he says.

"Different-coloured roses for different moods," he said.

And though his relationships look mercenary, John insists he cares for each of his clients.

He said: "I care about what they are going through, I worry for them when they are having hard times.

"I treat each of them as friends."

John says he has served as many as five women in a single week.

"It gets tiring sometimes, but I enjoy my work - I like meeting different people," he said.

For more details and how some toy boys are planted by private investigators to attract straying wives, grab your copy of The New Paper today. 


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