I'd like to visit Singapore
Sat, Dec 27, 2008
The New Paper

By Ashikin Hashim

THERE are many things about Cristiano Ronaldo that make him an easy target for skeptics.

But, there's no doubting that he's one of the planet's best talents in football.

In an exclusive interview he gave The New Paper through one of his advisors, Barbara Vara, by phone last week, the Man United star first spoke about his impressions of Singapore.

'Yes, I have heard a lot about Singapore from some of my United team-mates but I've never been there. I heard that it is a very clean city,' he said.

Then, when asked how he envisioned himself 12 years from now, he replied: 'By 2020, I want to win all individual and team awards in football if that's possible.

'I would also like to settle down and maybe start a family after finishing my career as a professional sportsman.'

And how about his aspirations for the Seleccao das Quinas (Portuguese national team)?

'For sure, I want to lift the World Cup with Portugal as a captain one day,' he said.


'We will not know about the future and what will happen. But I would love to stay in the history books of world football and be remembered.'

On his hobbies and what he did in his spare time, he said: 'I don't go out much. I like to stay at home, watch TV, listen to music and rest. My room has some candles to help me relax.'

On the topic of music, Ronaldo was eager to share his thoughts.

'Yes, I listen to a lot of music and also songs from my sister Catia's band. She sings in a Portuguese band. I told her that when she releases her third CD, I will sing in a few songs! She is talented.'

As he was warming up for more answers, his advisor put a halt to it. 'Cristiano is feeling tired,' she said and wanted an end to the interview.

But Ronaldo did not put the phone down on me, he chose instead to end on a good note.

'I would like to visit your country one day and learn a little bit more about your football,' he said.

Yes Ron, we'd love to welcome you here too.


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