Take a pay cut, Terry
Gary Lim
Mon, Mar 16, 2009
The New Paper

PREMIERSHIP footballers should take a pay cut.

Times are so bad that if even I have to think twice before asking for extra fishballs, then I don't see why they should make so much money.

I don't care if he's world-class, first-class or economy-class.

I don't care if they have bloody car, home and mistress instalments amounting to the tens of thousands every month, because these are not my problems.

You wonder why they need that much money anyway.

For your information, Chelsea's John Terry (below) gets something like ??pounds;135,000 ($286,000) a week, which if you convert to Singapore dollars, means he becomes a millionaire every month.

Apparently there was a TV show talking about this topic a few years ago, and a former footballer said that the players would struggle if their pay dips by even 10 per cent.

Oh, that means poor Terry will take home just $257,400 weekly.


Tell you what, I can stunningly survive on $400 a week.

Footballers just love to whinge.

And I cringe every time they do.

Unfair, they would say.

We have a short career, so we deserve a high pay, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak.

Yeah, right. Unfair, my pina colada.

Unfair is when a pianist insures his fingers and breaks his toes.

Unfair is when dogs step on their own poo in the parks because their owners refuse to clean up after them.

And unfair is when the whole world wears swimming trunks at the beach but only you are asked to cover up.

In fact, a 2007 survey for think tank Fabian Society revealed most people in the UK felt top footballers should get a 'substantial pay cut' and be paid just ??pounds;62,000 a year.

Maybe they should learn from Honda driver Jenson Button, who tore up his ??pounds;24m three-year deal and accepted ??pounds;9m instead to help out the troubled F1 team.

Now, that's class.



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