Tohari Paijan
Mon, Mar 16, 2009
The New Paper

MANCHESTER United defender Nemanja Vidic had a nightmare game. He was responsible for Liverpool's first and third goal, and got sent off too.

TOHARI: VIDIC committed a schoolboy mistake that he could not recover from.

Fernando Torres nicked the ball off his boots. He is very fast and Vidic could not catch up with him and lost out. The error was in the detail, and it was a minute but costly error.

After that, his confidence was lost. Look at his pull on Steven Gerrard. Gerrard is not as fast as Torres, but Vidic still felt the need to pull him down.

It may be harsh to send him off, but he had already committed another foul on Torres, so he will feel very disappointed in himself.

THIS was a comprehensive victory for Liverpool over Man United. What does this say about the Reds?

THE KEY point in this game was the way Torres scored against United as it showed Liverpool can come back quickly, which has saved their season. That moment changed the game, as well as Vidic getting sent off.

Because Man United were chasing the game, Alex Ferguson sent on his 'three musketeers' - Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Dimitar Berbatov - before Vidic got sent off and that was a tactical mistake.

It was 'kamikaze' football, but it backfired and they committed suicide. There was too much in attack and there was no balance, especially after the sending-off.

United's attack was not so much a problem for Liverpool, as it was for United because they left holes at the back, and that is how Andrea Dossena scored because they only had one centre-back at the time - Rio Ferdinand.

Liverpool deserved to win the game, but will this be a turning point in their season? No. There is no point in beating a big team, but dropping points against smaller teams. The last time Liverpool beat United, they drew their next game against Stoke City.

They were the better team today and won the game, but will they win the title? Sorry, they will have to play some more to do that.

HOW DO you think Man United will react to this loss?

IT WAS a humiliating defeat and Ferguson's face was red after that. The hairdryer and even the vacuum cleaner will all come out after this game, and the players will have to face that.

Ferguson is clever, and he will make sure the same mistakes are never made again. It is a big setback for United, but it will refocus the team.

The title is theirs to lose. You just watch their next game, because that team is going to get whacked.


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