Sat, May 16, 2009
The New Paper
Bollywood in VivoCity

SHOPPERS at VivoCity caught a rare glimpse of Bollywood last week when stars Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy and Sunil Shetty made an appearance.

The Bollywood celebs have been in town since Apr 16 filming for their new movie, De Dana Dan.

Banquet manager Prince Yubrag rushed down to VivoCity after receiving word from a friend that the Bollywood stars were there.

Said the 28-year-old excitedly: "I'm a big fan of Katrina. I like her smile, her body, her height, everything. She is beautiful."

Thankfully, Katrina graciously accepted his request for a picture and he gleefully showed it off to this reporter.

The stars were at the shopping mall's open-air roof-top Sky Park where Akshay and Katrina were filming a lover's scene for a song montage with around 50 crew members.

De Dana Dan is an action-comedy about two underprivileged guys who team up and try to make it rich so they can be together with the girl of their dreams.

Despite the scorching afternoon sun, the celebrities weren't short of enthusiastic onlookers.

In three hours of filming, a crowd of 100 were gathered to watch the filming.

Retiree Madam Goh was spotted among them.

The 68-year-old Hindi movie fan said: "The shows are very lively and the women are all very beautiful. Watching the films makes me feel happy. I think I can connect with them better than Chinese shows."

Also feeling lucky to have caught some star spotting was the Lath family from Chennai India. They happened to be shopping at VivoCity when they chanced upon their idols.

Said Mr Navin Lath, 42: "Akshay is very outstanding. He does all his stunts on his own. He's very daring."

Main draw

True enough. Akshay seemed to be the main draw and the one who received the most attention from fans who would come up to ask to take photos with him.

He told The New Paper: "I've travelled a lot in my life and I think Singapore is one of the safest and best countries I've seen."

Producer Ratan Jain said he welcomed fans approaching the stars in between takes because "there are some countries where it becomes difficult to film (in public), but Singapore people are nice".

As for the current spell of hot weather, the cast said they didn't mind.

Said Sunil, who plays Ram, a delivery driver: "I think we've come at a time which is humid. But we cannot complain because there's plenty of light and we come from a place which is as hot and humid."

Added Sameera Reddy, who plays Sunil's love interest Manpreet: "I feel completely at home. I just love how everything is so much in order. I know that people over here say that it's too much in order, but I like it."

Then, she added with a girlish giggle: "And oh my God, I've spent too much money on shopping!"


» Photos: Bollywood stars in town!


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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