Mon, Jun 07, 2010
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'Ma, there's a strange, naked man here'

[Above: The naked man at the void deck; Insert; Madam Lee took the man's picture on her mobile phone after he entered a lift.]

Naked man spotted at Hougang Street 51
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By Zaihan Mohamed Yusof

WHEN housewife P Jacqueline told her husband that there was a naked man at the foot of their block, he thought she was joking.

But no, the man was stark naked.

Like many others near Block 570 Hougang Street 51, she was shocked.

The man was seated at a stone table thereon Thursday night.

Said Madam Jacqueline: "This is an HDB estate, not a nudist beach. There were children and families walking around the estate at that time (7pm)."

The 33-year-old insisted that her husband verify what she had seen.

Said her husband, Mr Sivakumar S, 38: "It was hard to believe what I was seeing... Nobody dares to do something like this in Singapore."

From their second-storey balcony, the couple took photographs and a video clip of the man,believed to be in his 30s.

Added Mr Sivakumar, a driver: "He sat there as though he was waiting for a friend. He didn't appear ashamed at all."

The couple called the police and The New Paper.

Meanwhile, shrieks could be heard coming from the direction of a playground, 15m away.


Madam Lily Lee, 46, had been watching her daughter, Jasmine, play with her friends when she heard the nine-year-old shout: "Ma, there's a strange man shaking his buttocks at the stone table. I think he's not wearing any clothes."

The upset mother quickly tried to shield the kids from the sight.

Madam Lee said in Malay: "While he (the naked man) didn't look violent, I was worried he would target the children. I was concerned because he started to act strangely."

The tattooed man would occasionally try to "move the stone seat" - obviously without success.

Along with a few middle-aged men, Madam Lee approached the naked man. One man in the group asked the naked man why he had taken off his clothes.

The man looked dazed and did not answer at first.

Added Madam Lee, who took a photograph of the man with her mobile phone: "It was funny. He said he was feeling hot. So that was why he had stripped."

The man tried to evade the group by taking the lift. He later ended up outside Madam Jacqueline's flat, where she had just finished hanging clothes.

Madam Jacqueline said: "If I had stayed outside a little longer, I would have stumbled into him. Luckily, I didn't."

Fearing that the man would do something "funny" outside their flat, Mr Sivakumar confronted him.

Said Mr Sivakumar: "He said he lived at Block 25. Later, he said he lived at Block 424. Finally he said he lived on the fourth floor. I have been living here for eight years but I've never seen him before."

The curious resident then did a little snooping himself.

At an outdoor rubbish chute, where the man had been seen loitering, Mr Sivakumar found a pair of jeans and underwear near some rubbish bags.

He suspected that it belonged to the man, who had by then disappeared.

The naked man was later spotted at the void deck of Block 570. This time, he was nabbed by the police, who responded to a call made around 7pm.

Madam Lee, who was still at the void deck, said the man tried to flee when he saw the police. "In his dazed state, he wasn't going to run far. Four other passers- by helped the police to catch him."

A police spokesman said investigations are ongoing.


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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