Thu, Oct 07, 2010
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'Perfect' maid turns naughty
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By Bryna Sim

IN THE eyes of her employers, she was the perfect maid - hardworking, smart and capable.

But unknown to them, their 22-year old Myanmar maid hada naughty side.

On her Facebook page, she described herself as a "lover of freedom" and a "trouble-maker".

And trouble she did make when she posted sexy pictures of herself on Facebook.

The pictures were taken with a mobile phone belonging to her employer's 12-year-old son.

Some showed her dressed only in a bra and jeans.

Her employers sent her home when they found out what she did.

Her employer, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim, 48, told The New Paper: "My family was disappointed with her when we found out. She had been a good maid."

In June, The New Paper published the story of a 26-year old maid by the name of Nini, also from Myanmar.

Her employer had initially found her a good worker as well, until she checked Nini's mobile phone and found pictures of the maid striking sexy poses in her brand-new, green floral-patterned bikini - a gift from her husband.

The maid was eventually sent back to Myanmar.

Mr Lim lives with his wife, son and parents in a four-room HDB flat in the West. The maid had been working for them for more than a year.

The sales manager said: "We were all very happy with her work performance, and we wanted to extend her contract for two more years."

But two Fridays ago, he said he received a call from a stranger who identified herself as Celia and claimed to know his maid.

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"She said my maid had made her angry and that she had been posting sexy pictures of herself online," he said.

He met Celia that day and she showed him a page printed with six images of his maid in different outfits.

"There was an upper body shot of her with only her bra on, but the rest looked normal. There were no naked pictures," Mr Lim said.

He added that she had taken the pictures herself standing in front of the mirror in her room.

He also recognised from the pictures that she had used his son's mobile phone.

Celia told him that she had copied the pictures from his maid's Facebook page.

Mr Lim said: "My wife and I were surprised. She must have taken the pictures when we were at work."

He also suspected that the maid must have used the family computer without their permission to upload the pictures.


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