Tue, May 06, 2008
The Straits Times
NUH deserves better than last-place rating

I READ last Thursday's report, 'Hospital with a cure for poor ratings' with surprise. National University Hospital (NUH) certainly deserves better than the last-place rating it received in the Health Ministry's survey on patient satisfaction.

Let me relate my experience. Since my early teens, I have been plagued with a severe skin problem. I visited many supposedly reputed dermatologists who were quick to offer me expensive packages and medication which did not solve my problem.

Finally, at a relative's recommendation, I visited Dr Derrick Aw, a dermatologist at NUH. He was the first dermatologist to perform a test to find out what was causing my skin problem. He was also the first doctor to tell me that I had a fungal infection problem.

Under his care, my skin condition has greatly and finally improved. During my many visits to NUH, the clinic and pharmacy were crowded but the staff always have a smile for patients.

Sometimes, it was the difficult patients who held up the line. To a patient like me, I value good service, gentle bedside manners and excellent medical outcomes.

I will not hesitate to recommend NUH. To NUH, I say, don't give up.


Doreen Lim (Miss)


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