Mon, Nov 02, 2009
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Too smut for their own good?

By Shree Ann Mathavan

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BIMBOS or rebels?

They flaunt their bodies online, project themselves without fear of criticism, and court controversy with online antics.

Kiss a girl? Check. Prance about in a tiny bikini while acting clueless? Check. Copy Paris Hilton? Check.

The three Singapore models - Yan Kay Kay, Sonia Krans and Gui Xue Sha - in their 20s, appear in various online videos.

They do as they please and are unfazed by criticism from netizens.

The three are no strangers to controversy. They were in the limelight for S Factor, a reality TV show on Channel 5 that drew flak from viewers earlier this year.

Then as now, the criticism was partly that the girls were portrayed as bimbos.

Some also found their antics outrageous.

Take Yan Kay Kay, 27, who kissed blogger Xiaxue in a widely-circulated video. The clip generated over 150,000 hits since it was posted online about a month ago.

In the video, Xiaxue provides tips on how to set the scene when kissing a girl - from the music, decor, right up to the actual lip lock with Kay Kay.

Some netizens have slammed both women for the kiss. It was labelled a "cheapskate trick to get attention", and just "ugly".

One remarked: "It's so gross. I hate girls making out."

Another wrote online: "Showing this kissing scene is way unsuitable, especially for kids."

Parents were also outraged.

Call her what you will, Kay Kay, a communications and new media graduate from the National University of Singapore barely bats a made-up eyelid.

She told The New Paper on Sunday: "I don't have a lot of time so I won't keep looking at the online comments.

"Most of the comments are the same anyway, just re-phrased saying that I'm fake or slutty."

There's no need to be worked up by the remarks, she said, because the anonymous netizens who flame her don't know her personally.

She claimed her friends and family do not object to her online antics. Kay Kay also features in Chick Vs Dick, a battle of the sexes series on the same website, clicknetwork.tv.

Her mother, 55, a housewife, regularly checks for online updates on her daughter.

Kay Kay believes her mum has already seen the kissing video.

So, why does she have to do this publicly?

For the infamy

"It's not fame," she said, "it's infamy."

Besides, she pointed out, she doesn't earn much money from filming the episodes. She declined to reveal how much she gets per episode.

She claimed she is motivated by a desire to create interesting content.

Wouldn't the videos impart the wrong values to kids?

"We (indicating Sonia, Xue Sha and herself) have never made ourselves to be role models.

"I'm not polluting young minds because there are a million worse videos online that you can easily access."

So, why add to the polluted content?

Even the video sharing site, YouTube, on which the kissing video can be found, chose to issue a warning that the content may be "inappropriate".

YouTube also has a requirement that viewers sign in to verify they are 18 years old or older.

When pressed, Kay Kay conceded that the video should not be made accessible to young children. But, she added, it is up to parents to supervise their children's Internet use.

"If they (can) access our video, they can view much worse than the one we had."

Kay Kay has two younger brothers, 19 and 24, but she isn't sure if they have seen the kissing video.

But she doesn't mind even if they have seen it. "It's fine, they know what I'm like," she said.

Again insisting that she is not a role model, she said: "We have never made ourselves to be perfect or saintly, so if your kids look up to us as role models, then there is something wrong and it is up to parents to do something."

And the person she looks up to?

For more photos, click here.

The scandal-prone American heiress Paris Hilton, who has often been labelled a bimbo.

While Hilton has had her fair share of bad press from a leaked sex tape and drink-driving charges, Kay Kay pointed out that Hilton also has her own album, reality TV shows, perfume and shoe line amongst other endeavours.

She said: "I like that she's super enterprising and that she works hard.

"People like to pigeon-hole her as a skanky girl but she's branched out and has built an empire around her name."
Kay Kay's defiant message to critics: "Keep it coming.

"Better to have criticism than fade into oblivion.

"It's better that they either love me or hate me than be indifferent.


This article was first published in The New Paper.


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