Mon, Nov 02, 2009
The New Paper
"It's not everyone's cup of tea"

By Shree Ann Mathavan

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THE videos of girl-on-girl action and babes in bikinis might typically look like the creations of a man.

But the person behind the videos of Yan Kay Kay's kiss with blogger Xiaxue and the Bored in Bikinis series is Ms Gillian Tan.

The 29-year-old is behind production house Munkysuperstar Pictures and clicknetwork.tv, the online video network which streams a variety of shows.

Ms Tan's production portfolio includes the local reality TV shows S factor and Eye for a Guy. The latter show won the Best Reality Programme category at the Asian Television Awards in 2005.

Having her shows slammed isn't new to Ms Tan. S Factor, for instance, was talked about earlier this year.

Like the series Bored in Bikinis, it was accused of making its bikini-clad contestants look like total bimbos while battling it out in various challenges.

But Ms Tan does not intend to stop producing such shows.

Ruin image

She said: "There are people who complain about how shows like these ruin the image of women and I understand that it's not everybody's cup of tea."

Nevertheless she claimed that "a greater majority" of people enjoy watching such shows.

The video of Kay Kay and Xiaxue's kiss garnered over 150,000 hits on the clicknetwork.tv website.

It was also circulated on video sharing site, YouTube, which broadcasts to an even wider audience, getting over 155,000 clicks.

Videos like that and Bored in Bikinis are done for entertainment, stressed Ms Tan.

She said: "As long as people are watching, we'll keep producing.

"I suppose it (the kissing video) is popular because people like it or are interested in the content.

"Anything controversial tends to attract more views in general."

Does she feel it is demeaning to women?

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"Not at all," retorted Ms Tan. "If you are confident and secure in your own abilities, you shouldn't be too worried about people being influenced by our shows and changing their opinion of women."

Some parents are concerned that the girl-girl kissing video may impart wrong values to impressionable children.

YouTube has a warning that the content may be "inappropriate" for some users. It also requires viewers to sign in to verify they are 18 years old or older.

The clicknetwork.tv website does not have that requirement.

Ms Tan is married, but does not have children. Her husband, 38, works in the IT industry.

She does not feel the episode promoted soft porn or lesbianism.

She said: "People kiss all the time on television and in the movies. I don't think it's pornographic."


This article was first published in The New Paper.


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